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14-15 November 2020

Squash Club Cluj-Napoca

We have thought many times if it is a good idea for #ROS8 to take place in 2020, but we don’t forget that our goal is to promote and support the development of this amazing sport, so we understand it’s our duty to take a step forward and offer our friends the opportunity to meet on the squash court this year as well, although it will take place under special safety and security conditions.

We are determined to ensure that everyone taking part in the Romanian Open Squash 2020 will stay healthy and safe.

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Tournaments in the 2020-2021 Competitional Calendar of the Romanian Squash Federation, open for registration for Romanian and foreign participants, will take place at Squash Club Cluj Napoca

  • Men Draw – Open, Pro
  • Men Draw – Open, Amateur
  • Women Draw – Open

Draws details…

COVID-19 - Cluj-Napoca

Restrictions might be enforced for travelling to Romania. The list of countries and regions where quarantine at a declared location for 14 days applies can be found here: http://www.cnscbt.ro/index.php/liste-zone-afectate-covid-19
Cluj-Napoca, has entered in the “red scenario” after the rate of new COVID-19 infections in the last 14 days passed the threshold of three per 1,000 inhabitants on Tuesday, October 20.
This led to restrictions, such as the closing of restaurants, cafes, theaters and cinemas, closing schools and switching all students to online learning, and making masks mandatory in all indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Sanitary protocol #ROS8

Maintaining of social distancing at all times, other than during match-play.
Proper wearing of the mask is mandatory for all the people in the building, except for the players who have a match at that time.
The capacity of the location is limited to players, referees, one person as staff for each player, and competition staff. Only staff essential to the tournament will be on-site.
Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the venue. It is mandatory before entering court and between games.
Court cleaning during play will be undertaken by players (equipment provided by organizers).
Only players open court doors.
No hand-wiping on-court, towels used by players instead. Players will be permitted a 20 second break every 10 rallies to wipe away sweat using their own towel.
No hand-shaking or fist bumps. Racket taps permitted.
Temperature checks will be made prior to entry to the venue.
No sharing of equipment.


All the matches of #ROS8 will be hosted by:

Squash Club Cluj-Napoca

Str. Serpuitoare FN, vis-a-vis de numarul 39

0758 337 373


Big thanks to our partners of this year:

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