We are determined to ensure that everyone taking part in the Romanian Open Squash 2021 tournament will stay healthy and safe.

We remind everyone present that currently, our greatest way of protecting ourselves from the virus is by wearing masks in all situations, respecting social distancing and hand-washing. Masks must be worn by everyone over the age of 11, at all times, except the players on the court.

We are doing our utmost to ensure compliance with all preventive measures and social distancing on-site, and we will regulate the movement of people at the event venue.
Cleaning and disinfection of the various areas will be reinforced. Regular and stringent cleaning schedules will be provided throughout the venue. Masks, alcohol gel dispensers will be put in place throughout the grounds. 

Participants must commit to follow the following rules:

• No hand-wiping on-court, towels used by players instead. Players will be permitted a 20 second break every 10 rallies to wipe away sweat using their own towel
• Maintaining of social distancing at all times, other than during match-play
• Court cleaning during play will be undertaken by players (equipment provided by organizer)
• Only players open court doors
• Single player use of changing rooms at one time
• No hand-shaking
• No sharing of equipment

Thank you!